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HingeHeads In The News

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Hingeheads' door art will nerdify, geek out, and bling up your door
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What Our Customers & Fans Are Saying

Unique & Affordable Gift Ideas Unique & Affordable Gift Ideas

“Can't even BEGIN to explain why I love the idea of hinge heads. Just do. Yep. Just do.”
— Jackie Harrison-Jewell on Pinterest

“What a great idea for a small gift to leave behind. Don't even tell the person you gave it to them. See how long it takes them to notice it.”
— Betty McArthur on Pinterest

“No part of my house will escape random decoration”
— Andria Waclawski on Pinterest

“These are, of course, totally frivolous and unnecessary and I want all of them.”
— Alisha Donahue on Pinterest

“I absolutely love them! just bought my 1st house. will def get a few once i move in. and what a delightful gift they make.”
— Morrima6 on Apartment Therapy

“Very cool! I thought you had to take out the hinge pin at first too, hooray for magnets!”
— SageKitten85 on Apartment Therapy

“The most unnecessary impulse buy ever… i had to have two!”
— NicMarsh on Apartment Therapy

“These are sooo cute! I want some in my house.”
— Lauren on Design*Sponge

“I love this! it’s so simple, but really changes things up”
— Rachel Jones on Design*Sponge

“Love the hinge head, these are the little details that gives a home character.”
— Christine on Design*Sponge

“OMG!!!!!!!!!!!! We just got our first house and I am ordering these asap!!! Thanks for the tip!!”
— Ashley on Offbeat Home

“OMG these are amazing. And it's payday! Time to blow the "fun money"!”
— Elizabeth on Offbeat Home