The Story of HingeHeads

Intrigued with the integration of design and personal expression, we developed the concept of the HingeHead.

An instrumental element leading to our idea of new fetishes or adornments for hinges was an affinity with figurative and cultural icons of expression.

HingeHeads Are a Form of Self Expression

As we researched the history of the hinge, we discovered that originally leather, rope or layers of leaves/sinews were commonly used materials. In the case of ancient indigent communities, leaves/sinews were used for binding, not so much for privacy as for protection from the elements.

As the Iron Age came into being, the process of “smithing” metal hardware required a place on the hinge to hold it over the fire. For the making of hinges, there was usually a “tail” of metal where the “smithy” could grasp the “hinge-pin” without damaging the round axle of the hinge. These became known over time as the “rat tail” and in fact there are today enthusiastic collectors of “rat-tail hinges.”

Naturally, over time these “rat-tails” took on different shapes and curves as people wished to enhance their places and express their taste, delight and personality withing their surroundings. Home enhancements were also a distinct method for displaying their status or wealth in the community.

Once again the “rat-tail” would evolve. It’s functional use allowed the part of the hinge to be pulled out and later as skill, technology and art became more sophisticated, select hardware “smithies” added the ball, acorn and pineapple to the top of the hinges.

Although the decorative hardware market has indeed evolved, we wanted to take it to another level of evolution that was more personal. Quite simply, we wanted to offer a wide variety of expressions, with ease of application and the highest quality possible.

After a Some Design Iterations We Came Up With the Magnetic Base

After much research, development, labor and ado, a method for applying our miniature sculptures with only your hands, requiring only a few moments and “no tools” was successfully developed.

Hinges made by the top hinge makers and widely available hinges for homes were used as prototypes for the development and measurements for the HingeHead itself. The result is a product of high-quality, carefully crafted, locally manufactured, lead-free, and easy to apply, expressive designs and finishes for our living spaces.

Thus the portable decorative hinge finial, the HingeHead, was born and today over 150 expressive designs are available. New designs and product line extensions are in process as well as licensed brand creations.