➜ Last Five

If you crave the unique and inaccessible, shop here. Each of these HingeHead designs is nearly sold out in at least one of the three available finishes. If you’ve considered a set of HingeHeads for your living room decor or as a housewarming gift, you may not want to miss out on these very limited editions.

Many of our very popular Wild Things HingeHeads are in this collection, such as the Egyptian Cat, elegant Giraffe and mellow Bunny. Theses HingeHeads are great for brightening up your decor and adding a bit of whimsy to your life.

If Sailing gets your pulse racing, don’t miss out on the Sailboat, a perfect decor addition for your office or home. While all our HingeHeads are unique decor accessories, these favorites are a vanishing breed, just five more left.