There’s a rush of excitement when a new design is planned. Each step is carefully planned from the initial drawings through the sculpting and then the casting processes. We’re so proud and pleased when we bring out a new HingeHead. Each one is special and a member of a select group, a limited edition. Once they’re gone, they grace this section of our site. There are some pretty impressive works of decor art on this page.

The brooding Gargoyle is a masterwork of sculpting and oozes his displeasure at his centuries-long servitude. The very popular Angel seems about to soar aloft. Coffee lovers have smiled with pleasure when gifted with the Morning Joe HingeHead. This is one gift that the lucky recipient will try out the minute they get home.

We love our collectible page and enjoy sharing it with you, but hope you’ll find a place for one of our other HingeHeads before they end up here.