Wild Things

Everyone has a friend or family member who collects animal statues, designs and decor items. It might be a pig collection or a series of good-luck elephants with their trunks proudly raised high. Whichever animal captures their fancy – or yours – you’ll find the perfect addition to that collection in our HingeHead Wild Things Collection.

Cat lovers will go wild for Yarn Cat, whose crazy antics with their ball of yarn are amazingly realistic. The Pig & Piglets HingeHead will please even the jaded collector who thinks they’ve got them all or who’s run out of room. HingeHeads use space no one usually even thinks about – the hinges of your door.

These decor accessories will make you rethink how your doors fit into your interior design. Does your kid like dogs? Get a few bully Mack HingeHeads for their closet and bedroom doors and see their face light up when they find them there.