In Time for Valentines: Add Some Charm to Your Life With a Lucky Horseshoe

February 03, 2013

We’ve been horsin’ around with this design for a while… And it is finally ready for the races!

We’re excited to present this stunning new Horseshoe design just in time for Valentine’s Day. Available in our winning trifecta of decorative metals: antique pewter, bronze or brass.

Available in Antique Pewter, Bronze or Brass

What makes this new design so special? Horseshoes have been popular as a decorative element since ancient times. In fact, the noble horseshoe has a long-standing tradition in many cultures of attracting, and holding, luck.

Once thought to repel evil spirits, the horseshoe is now considered a powerful generator of good luck magnetism, especially when placed at a doorway so that all who enter are protected by its charm.

People do argue over whether the shoe should be “points up”, so the “U” shape holds in all the luck, or “points down”, to sprinkle the luck on passersby. But all can agree that the horseshoe is a classic and stylish symbol of good fortune.

Hingeheads Makes Changing Your Home Decor Easy & Affordable HingeHeads Make Changing Your Home Decor Easy & Affordable

Ummm, so what does this have to do with Valentine’s Day, you ask? Well, everyone gives roses, chocolates, and cards. Bo-ring!

What about a fabulous, unexpected gift that will charm your loved one and help them think of you every time they walk through their door? Here are a few ideas:

  1. Prove that good things do come in small packages! Use his or her favorite colors to beautifully package the HingeHead Horseshoe and tell your love how lucky you feel to be in their life.
  2. Open the door to a whole new side to your relationship when you plant a HingeHead Horseshoe on the bedroom door with a little heart attached with your Valentine’s Day message.
  3. Find another creative way to present your HingeHead Horseshoe (they are magnetic, after all!) by placing one on any metal surface to hold a sweet love note: the refrigerator, a metal travel mug or water bottle, or any other place that might be unexpected!

Besides being a perfect love token, there are so many ways to use this auspicious new design to celebrate the luck in your life and invite more to come for the new year and beyond!

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