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And our journey continues through Los Angeles. This time we pay another visit to the colorful Abbot Kinney Boulevard in Venice.

Brazil, Mexico, India, and Scandinavia convene in one space. Is this a United Meetings Conference brief? No, dear. It’s Colcha.

Brick Up

It’s early 2003 when Sue Cowan decides to introduce her experience and expertise to the hip of Abbot Kinney Boulevard. A design maven and world wanderer, Sue has plenty to share. Colcha, home and lifestyle boutique launches.

Recently nominated by Los Angeles Hot List, Colcha is a “maybe” for the Best Home Goods Store title, but a “certain” on our list of inspiring design boutiques.

Los Angeles lifestyle fluctuates from person to person, from outsiders looking in and insiders looking, well, in. Sue’s interpretation of this city: casual, confident, curious. A select assortment immerses into a beautiful cultural complexity.

Fine Stitches And Iron Riches

From a Brazilian linen covered sofa to branched coat racks, Colcha is suffused with eclecticism.

Entering Colcha’s website, a three-second glimpse of six statuesque lanterns appears and (agh!) fades into the next image. Time to delve into the online catalog.

The lighting collection gives these wrought iron pieces a name: Symi Lanterns created by Mexican artists Jorge Almada and Anne-Marie Midy at Casamidy. This candle lit, glass walled light fixture comes in blackened and nickel finishes, and makes a wonderful walkway fringe.

John Robshaw Textile fall pillow line is displayed in pungent earthy patterns and vibrant tie-dye circle repetitions.

The Bobo Wing Chair is a burlap covered sit created by Sue Cowie herself. This rugged piece is a reminder of how furniture is a place to sprawl on, play on - live on.

Also, Colcha welcomes work from awesome Los Angeles furniture designer and Bend founder, Gaurav Nanda. His Farmhouse Chair in rush red wire frame resembles string art curved into a comfortable seat, awaiting… you.

Through the ephemeral mass of Los Angeles boutiques and Venice pop-up shops wheeling by, Colcha is one for safekeeping. Then again, the entire Abbot Kinney street needs to be put in a time capsule.

1416 Abbot Kinney Boulevard (map)
Venice, CA 90291
(310) 392-3600

What are your favorite or hidden design boutiques in Los Angeles? Let us know in the comments or tweet us.

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