L.A. Boutiques: Yolk In An Eggshell

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Here is another gem in our series of inspiring and unique design boutiques of Los Angeles.

Friendly, relaxed, and… is that a light bulb inside a dangling wine bottle?

Delicate surprises freckle the warm shopping terrain that is Yolk.

Hellos are heard behind counters, stitched cotton pillows color up corners, and it’s a go-to spot for wonderful gifts.

Whose heart is behind this magnificent shop?

Keep the eyes moving. Read on…

Twelve years ago, owner Maria Neuman moved from Sweden to Los Angeles. Arriving in the community of Silverlake. Her perpetual passion came along. After all, how could a childhood enthusiasm for wallpaper hunting be satiated?

Shifting a style and culture journalism career route, this love for design propels the possession of Yolk.

Adhering to the “Free Range Design” tagline, Maria compliments the primal Scandinavian design style with an array of products.

From Australian Ball Chairs to Indian handmade blankets, this store introduces a diverse selection of global imports. Local designers, you say? Yes, fellow Echo Park and Silverlake artist work is encased.

Clothing, jewelry, and accessories simultaneously work with homeware pieces. This is a pleasing balance since many gift shops often treat fashion items as an interruption in a lifestyle collection.

It is one of the few Los Angeles retail stores to find pieces from Finnish design brand Marimekko and Scandinavian publishing house Design House Stockholm.

Marimekko’s maintains classic patterns in its “In Good Company” collection. The reptilious black and white spotted Siirtolapuutarha plate is eight inches to please all around. And the Mini Cord Lamp from Design House Stockholm is an upright delight in its clever disregard to gravity.

Maria recently integrated local architect and author Barbara Bestor’s new line Sisters of LA. Not to be mistaken for the flashy souvenirs scattered around Sunset Boulevard, SoLA’s gift series ranging from freeway numbered glassware to colorful playing cards, is all substance.

The scenic graphic on their “Hollywood” shot glass is a reminder of tan intact nature in the midst of a “showbiz” city. It makes a fitting gift for lovers of authentic Los Angeles or people not yet acquainted with its intrinsic side.

So, there it was. Yolk in an eggshell…

1626 Silver Lake Blvd (map)
Los Angeles, CA 90025
(323) 660-4315

Crack it open!

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