Our Year in Review: Art for Hinges Sakes!

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It's the end of the year. Time to take a moment to reflect on some of our milestones from this past year.

Start With a Bang: These Hinge Ornaments Are Much to Adore

2012 really started with a bang. At the beginning of the year HingeHeads got featured on the DIY Network show I Want That.

It's a show that features interesting and new products. Luckily the episode aired the week after we switched to our new website to handle the traffic.

Here is the excerpt from the show…

HingeHeads, as seen on TV! It just sounds good :-)

New Website: Say Hello to Shopify

At the beginning of the year we switched our website from Goodsie to Shopify. We still have a lot of love for Goodsie, and it served us well to get HingeHeads started, but ultimately we needed a more integrated and open e-commerce platform that scales with our needs.

The new site has a more streamlined fulfillment process, making it easier and faster for us to process orders. It also provides more checkout options for our customers.

In addition the new site has an integrated blog where we frequently post product updates, news and design trends. Overall we are very happy with the new site and we hope it serves your needs as well.

New Designs: Affordable Home Decor for Everybody

The fun thing about HingeHeads is that there are so many different designs to explore. We have a list of design ideas that is virtually endless. A lot of them are submitted by people like you… our customers and fans.

In June we introduced a series of new designs. The new designs include a Hula Gal, the Long Dog for pet lovers, a set of Palm Trees, the Ballerina as well as a Peace Sign and the cool Skater Dude. The skater dude is one of my personal favorites.

Handcrafted Skater Decor Accessories for Doors

The reception to the new designs was overwhelming and we will continue to explore new designs going forward. Please keep your suggestions coming.

You can tweet us your design suggestions or post them to our Facebook page.

Hinge Art for a Good Cause

HingeHeads is a labor of love and we are proud to support our local communities and selected non-profits.

Red Ribbon Home Decor

This year we released three designs to benefit various organizations:

  • The Red Ribbon in support of the L.A. Gay and Lesbian Center and the San Francisco AIDS Foundation
  • The Pink Ribbon to create awareness for Breast Cancer Awareness Month
  • The Purple Ribbon to support the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network

We will continue this work going forward. Please join us if you can!

Hello Social Media

This year we put a big emphasize on building out our presence on the various social media platforms. It's a great way for us to stay in touch with our audience, fans and the rest of the industry.

If you are not following us yet, we invite you to follow us for the latest updates on HingeHeads.

  • Follow us on Twitter for daily updates
  • Follow us on Pinterest for the latest design trends
  • Like us on Facebook and meet other hinge'heads
  • Follow us on Instagram for design previews and product shots

You can also find us on Houzz and Flickr. We always like to hear from you. Please stop by and say Hi!

HingeHeads That Became Collectibles

Each one of our designs is a limited edition, unless stated otherwise. Unfortunately that also means we have to say good bye to a few designs each year.

Some of our more popular designs this year were the Unicorn, Buddha, Swan, Sailboat, Palm Trees, Owl, Golfer, Gargoyle, Dragon and the Cowboy.

It's always bitter sweet when a design runs out. On the flip side we get to explore new designs. Exciting!

Overall 2012 was a year of growth and explorations for us, and we are looking forward to what lies ahead of us. Thanks to everybody who helped shape 2012 with us! See you all in 2013. Have a Happy New Year.

Art for hinges sakes!

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