Decadent Decor: Edible Ornaments

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This post is brought to you by candy cane history.

Decades ago, shepherd cane-caned sweet sticks were gifted at a German cathedral, primarily to quiet singer children. These “Shush Sticks”, all white peppermint flavored candy, evolved as red stripes were incorporated.

Primitive holiday decorations were edible ones: dried fruits, candy, and cookies. As red round ornaments, tinsel, and string lights became more prevalent, these treats scooted to the borders on kitchen tables and festive platters. And these changes are appreciated, since rotting goods can cause gruntled greetings.

These ephemeral decorations will be devoured by guests, but it is proof of decadent decor.

Tied Ginger

Decadent Decor - Edible Ornaments - Tied Ginger

Gingerbread guys and gals are perpetual treats. Use twine to link cardboard colored cookies.

Shape dough into personalized figures. Substitute traditional pine trees with palm or houses with skyscrapers.

It’s your cookie and your holiday- lovingly crafted.


Decadent Decor - Edible Ornaments - Apple

Dried apple slices create a look superb on a string. First dehydrate fruit in food dehydrator or 10 hours in standard oven.

A considerable time but time which can be spent with fond ones. Once fruit is entirely dry, pierce a center hole with a needle and thread.

Insert sturdy string and hang as you would an illuminated set.

Sour Slice

Decadent Decor - Edible Ornaments - Sour Slice

Find your favorite fruit and repeat dehydration process explained above. Add spices to balance sour slices.

How does caraway seed or saffron invite senses?

All Peel

Decadent Decor - Edible Ornaments - All Peel

Carve out the juicy pith and keep the peel. Create symmetrical incisions and slip desired materials inside.

Prop as lanterns and fill with pungent herbs.

Basil in an orange skin? Thyme in pomegranate shell? Oh, peel possibilities.

Classic Cookie

Decadent Decor - Edible Ornaments - Classic Cookie

Create your own classic cookie. Use a homegrown family recipe or experiment with quinoa, just leave a center opening for ribbon.

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