Unique & Affordable Gift Ideas: Ceramic Caress

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Becareful, these gifts are fragile!

Morning hands cradle an opalescent cup.

Grandma cherishes this around its matching coaster and polished handle.

Fingerprint and crack-free, this fragile vessel has stayed, sat, on her highest cabinet shelf, to avoid foreign fingers.

It’s survived her seven vivacious children and persists to carry caffeine well.

And even granny knows when it’s time to add to her drinking ware collection.

Maybe she would appreciate these ceramic works.

We Walk

Affordable Gift Ideas - Ceramic Caress - The Efeet Collection

Wheres breakfast? Eat up, oatmeal may waddle away. The Efeet Collection by Dylan Kendall introduces footed ceramic home accessories. From soap dishes to sugar bowls, these ceramics create a whimsical touch during meal time.

Cup Crawls

Affordable Gift Ideas - Ceramic Caress - Creatures in Your Cup

Breaking brews: Creature Cups surprise sips. Brooklyn coffee savants and designers insert handcrafted aquatic animals onto cup bottoms. Otter and pelican sit in caffeine awaken senses sans caffeine.

White And Black Oink

Affordable Gift Ideas - Ceramic Caress - Mori Pig by Masahiro Mori

Masahiro Miro persists at Tortoise General Store. This decorative pig comes in black and white No oink included.

Climbing Sips

Affordable Gift Ideas - Ceramic Caress - Bird in Tree Stacking Cups Set

Made by Chris Koens’ heart, the Bird in Tree Stacking Cup comes in from Poketo. Branched porcelain is available in a four set. Invite the coffee community.

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