Unique Gift Ideas: All Hands In

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Ahh. Those pretty hands.
Look at both hands in the palms and ask:

“Where is utter gratification derived after completing a tangible creation amid daily functions?“
“Or simply the process of making with an unsung outcome?”

Any response? Up there in the fingers?
If not, these building sets prompt an answer.

Blockets: Make Anything

Gift Ideas - All Hands In - Blockets Make Anything

Blockets, interlocking laser cut wood pieces, create infinite possibilities. Create miniature furniture pieces or biomorphic figures.

Conjoynts: A Creative Wooden Building Toy

Gift Ideas - All Hands In - Conjoynts

Unlock innate innovation with flat shapes from Conjoynts.

Kinetic Creatures: Walking Cardboard Animals

Gift Ideas - All Hands In - Kinetic Creatures

Kinetic Creatures, walking animal kits redefine cardboard. These creatures surpass sculptures, as small electric motors allow them to leg around. End tables transform into a silent safari with Geno the Giraffe and Elly the Elephant.

Skallops: Awesome Toys for Kids and Adults

Gift Ideas - All Hands In - Skallops

Gift Ideas - All Hands In - Skallops Gallery

Slip cards in clips to form… a sphere? Can you visualize the face on the look of your gift receiver when they discover Skallops?

While it’s fine to admire an Andreas Wenning cabin treehouse or auto showroom style Guggenheim, it’s time to build your own. Or at most, give simple tools to do so.

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