Handcrafted Gifts: Objects Molded by Hearts Fit Snugly Into a Festive Sock

December 23, 2012

Your busy palms may be unable to personally create a felt gift, but options of plenty exist. From Los Angeles locals to Gusi groups, these pieces exude subtle celebration.

Quirk in Corks

Handcrafted Gifts - Humble Ceramics

Why do wine bottles cork the fun? Los Angeles-faced artist, Delphine Lippens introduces Humble Ceramics to Los Angeles boutique DeKor. These scaling sized jars, offer delicacy and warmth.

Carved Care

Handcrafted Gifts - Hand Carved Soapstone Eggs

Gusi artisans in Western Kenya enliven solid shells. Under the Fair Trade Federation, Poketo sell their handcarved Soapstone Eggs. Stylistic lines personify black ovals.

Felt Over Feathers

Handcrafted Gifts - Felted Coos

Felted coos created by Los Angeles-based artist Tanya Aguiñiga. These birdoos introduce clean lines and vibrant colors. Feathers or felt? After discovering Tanya's spunky felt chairs, she remains a subtle visionary.

Hot Rock

Handcrafted Gifts - Pebble Candles

Rock on fire. Pebble candles from Our Gallery Store. Stealth palm wax translates as a believable pebble. Placed on a bench end or patio unscented stone smoke lends way to notice other senses. Hmm… do you hear howling crickets?

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