Stocking Your Way: Affordable Ideas to Create Your Own Stockings

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A holiday tale:

A woman’s passing creates a grieving widower.

Subsequently, poverty intrudes her families ‘lives.

A bit gloomy for this festive season but a myth behind a common Christmas decoration: stockings.

Continuing, this nickelless man is expected to provide dowries for his trio of engaged daughters.

Agh! This costly love!

Here comes the holiday heroine, St.Nick.

Jolly Claus drops a few gold coins into fireplace-dried stockings and father affords to send his infatuated children into wedlock.

See there, a happy end.
All warmed up?
Good, listen.

Instead of buying another generic smiling snowman stocking, create your own. Use materials in your home before peddling to the nearest arts and crafts store. Hatch up a few loved ones, preferably two, and design a story to go along with it.

Here a few ideas to get you started.


Patchwork has existed for centuries. From Romare Bearden's “Patchwork Quilt” to Chinese folk art, this sewing method translates into stockings. Use emblematic materials or any inspirational scraps.

Drawer Pair

Back to basics. Use striped crew socks to create a balance between celebratory and classic.

Warm Winter

Snowflakes dominate this month, from paper cut-outs to ornaments, these cold patterns planted into stockings. But snow may seem misplaced in a warm vicinity, say Los Angeles?


Take singular patterns and sew down a skinny slip.

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