Last Minute Shopping Guide for Tender Tech Gifts

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Walk into a dimmed room, towards the flickering flame, and yes, that is a chair made of candle wax. It is much appreciated when common turns curious.

As Hingeheads transform tough pewter into endearing figures, these objects wield touchable materials to soften your giftee’s experience.

Here are four tender techs to surprise stocking shovelers.

Soft Save

FlashPals - Wild USB Flash Drives

Fur wrapped memory. Flash Pals introduce a disarming face to USB drives. This collection of cotton characters wrap around 4GB. An admittedly cute feature: Jack The Giraffe’s heart lights through while plugged. Saving files one animal at a time. Combine this with a Hinge Giraffe and you have a Giraffe party :-)


Sugru - The Future Needs Fixing

Wait! Don't hurl the hiking boots just yet. Fix that tear with Sugru, the miraculous mender. Works as play dough but lives as steel. This self-setting rubber repairs a rip, crack, split, or any avenue of incidental wreckage. Simply form and fix.

Rhythm Floats

Music Balloon USB Portable Speakers

When headphones need a rest, Music Balloon USB portable speakers are a cozy way to tune up. After a fine laptop charge, these plush balls last 4 hours. An ideal accessory for bike riding and boxing ballet. Find colorful cues at Poketo in Los Angeles.

Electric Laces

Unlace - A Colorful, Rubbery, Twistable Lace

As gadgets stack up, wires go awry. Ease tangles with Unlace rubber laces.

Through several prototype stages, alterations, and CAD models, a relentless design team developed a series of flexible chromatic laces. They are easier to tie than a bunny loop.

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