Gifts That Stick: These Stocking Stuffers Are Magnetizing

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Magnets make everything so much cooler. Even stocking stuffers!

Tabi must find dinner. She swipes out a compass and watches the needle turn West.

Bravo! The dining table is found.

Now, where would Tabi be without magnetism? Hungry!

The very foundation to this navigational tool? Magnetism!

Greeks once believed magnetism possessed transcendent capabilities to repel wicked deeds, mend illness, and dismantle enemy ships.

Dismissing these European superstitions, magnets have evolved into every aspect of our lives. From medical equipment to the refridgerator magnets in your kitchen.

Okay, so normally a compass wouldn’t be used to detect a meal, but you could incorporate these magnetic products when you are shopping for stocking stuffers this holiday season.

Wall of Spice

Magnetic Spice Jars by Gneiss Spice

Magnetic Spice Jars by Gneiss Spice save space by working vertically. Put them on your refrigerator side or any other magnetic surface in the kitchen. Ideal for small spaces!

Stay In Play

Chinese Chess Travel Magnetic Set by Yellow Mountain Imports

In between stops on your next road trip, steal a partner and play a game of Cheess with this magnetic travel set from Yellow Mountain Imports.

No Screwing Around

Tool Dots by Laboratory 424

No need to screw a tool board into the wall with Tool Dots from Laboratory 424. Tool Dots come in Black & White and Clear. They are an innovative way to organize your tools.

Mess Down

PenZen by Edwin van de Bospoort

Declutter desks with the PenZen by Edwin van de Bospoort. Simply attach paper clips, metal toothpicks, or iron ships to the magnetic bamboo sides.

Over And Under

Plank Shelf by iLoveHandles

The Plank Shelf from iLoveHandles is an ideal parking surface for an iPhone, and an inventive holder for keys.

Hinge On

Affordable Home Decor - Guardian Angel HingeHeads

Look who descented into the list… our Guardian Angel hinge head. A nice magnetic surprise for overlooked door hinges.

Look Dad, No Hands!

Wall Mount Disks by Studio Proper

These self-stick mounting disks are a convenient and creative way to stick your iPhone or iPad on the wall. Mount Disks from Studio Proper include strong Neodymium magnets.

Wire Down

Magnetic Organization System

A simple aluminum Magnetic Organization System from MOS untangles those clumsy gadget cables.

What Did You Say?

Magnetic Quotation Marks by Tinch Design Studio

Magnetic Quotation Marks from Tinch Design Studio are a great way to express yourself with words. Pack your words tightly.

I hope you enjoyed this collection. If you have any magnetic gift ideas, let us know in the comments. 5GP8YD7PW4W8

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