Rising Designers: Lauren Geremia Is A Scene Sprouter

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Geremia Design Studio director, Lauren Geremia flourishes alongside her eponymous company.

Lauren Geremia by Alex Farnum Photo by Alex Farnum

Included in Forbes Magazine’s 2011 “30 under 30” list, Lauren is a rising interior designer. With an eclectic, relaxed style, she converts a uniform area into a vivid experience. An artist by heart and designer by hands, this visionary sprouts the scene.

Church Hill by Lauren Geremia

Her work is prevalent in San Francisco’s top eateries, and business offices. Unique spaces emanate from client identity and personal style.

Path, tech startup, transforms into an energetic workspace. Offices with chalkboard walls, raw red chairs and strong gray hues.

In collaboration with Boon Bridges Design, Lauren designed Dropbox’s new China Basin headquarters. Tangled bulbs brighten the strategy room’s dim tones.

Dropbox Strategy Space

Byte to bite?

Coinciding to a refined diner theme, a peek into Citizen’s Band Restaurant reveals rustic bulbs brightening a structured countertop. Picture pasted walls and sheer white curtains create a homespun feel.

Authentic art pieces (at times, made herself), salvaged furniture, and emphatic light fixtures are incorporated in commercial and residential work.

In last month’s California Style Magazine, Lauren affirms:

“I don’t go to Jonathan Adler and buy tchotchkes. I’m not into excess stuff…”

When asked about the Bloodhound bar’s crow scattered ceiling? She replies: “as though someone shot a rifle after one too many drinks”. Her conceptual thinking is appreciated!

Bloodhound Bar’s Crow Scattered Ceiling

Stop by her website to see more of a stunning work.

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