L.A. Boutiques: Tortoise — A Look Under The Shell

November 12, 2012

Dip into this spunky store near the California shore.

A pair of shells tumble down.

Kek and Tak glare into the volcano’s mouth.

The two tortoises witness their natural armor simmer away.

Exchanging the “oh well” look, they set out a journey for shells.

Tirelessly searching island to island, they only find extras.

What good are shell solvents, shell scrubs, and shell shines – without, well, a shell?

Finally, they reach a tide stretch strewn with magnificent white rocks.

Stepping closer, Kek and Tak encounter... not rocks – but ivory shells!

They find their size and nestle inside their pristine homes.

In excitement they waddle off to show their discovery with land friends.

Like the reptiles in the story, Tortoise General Store creators, Taku and Keiko Shinomoto aspired to share beloved island finds with mainlanders in Venice, California.

Inspiration for their neighborly store transpired after a visit to a Hawaiian general store. Pleased by the store’s social scene, minimal product variety, and cozy feel, the couple were compelled to build their own.

Tortoise General Store

Keiko and Taku interpret everyday objects as simple, practical, and lasting parts of life. The store specializes in Japanese high-quality crafted designs.

The Teardrop Ring Holder by Japanese glassware manufacturer Suguhara Glass, is a delight in its liquid form and function. The crystal band carrier serves nicely as a nightstand centerpiece.

Eminent Designers

Akari 22N Lamp by Isamu NoguchiThe selection includes eminent designers including Masahiro Mori, and Sori Yanagi.

A 1950s modern design icon, the Akari Paper Lantern series by Isamu Noguchi is available in assorted shapes. Craft loops contemporary in this exquisitely sculpted washi paper fixture.

Amongst the stunning series, I loved the Akari 23A model. Its cocoon-like form subtly release light

Time is Money

Time is Money Desktop ClockYou’ve heard this business speak phrase before. But have you seen it look this brilliant? The Time is Money Desktop Clock desktop clock takes three words literally.

Using recycled Yen, the timepiece is constructed into a crisp cube. Time well spent!

Hot Socks

Warm up the winter holidays with miniature toys and games from the Stocking Stuffer collection. Traditional play all the way: hand carved wooden tops and ratan maracas make filling gifts.

In addition to a genuine collection, Tortoise General Store includes a donation box to fund Fukushima disaster relief efforts. Donations are sent each month to an organization of Keiko and Taku’s choosing. November’s featured charity group is The Hachiko Coalition. The animal rescue group is dedicated to helping abandoned pets in the Fukushima radiation zone. The cause receives 100% of the proceeds.

Become a land friend at…

Tortoise General Store
1208 Abbot Kinney Blvd. (map)
Venice, CA 90291
(310) 314-8448

This store is alive!

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