Fall Wreaths to Thrill Your Guests & Terrify Strangers — or 5 Year Olds

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A Halloween tale of Dorothy and the Dinosaur:

Two kindergarteners in a homemade Dorothy dress and Purple dinosaur costume rush up the sidewalk.

It is the first “trick or-treat” Halloween night for my best friend, Alex, and I.

After skipping door to door, collecting chocolate, and looking for gutter monsters, we walk to our first closed door — with a giant black spider web wreath.

Alex deserts her pillowcase treat bag, runs up the walkway, snatches the decoration off the door, wriggles herself through, and dances on the front lawn while chanting, “flies no mores, spiders eat dinosaurs!”

She attracts a clapping audience.

Her mom scolds her, Alex returns the wreath, the crowd dissolves, and we hold hands whispering, “flies no mores, spiders eat dinosaurs!”

Our candy fishing resumes and my love of eerie wreaths begins

Here I’ve collected stunning circlets to hang at your entryway.

Whether you aim to frighten strangers or impress friends (or enthusiastic five year olds), these wreaths will steal the fright.

Speaking Stick Wreath: This Wreath Disrupts the Silent Night With Screaming Sticks

What you will need: Cardboard + Scissors + Sticks + Black Spray Paint + Hot Glue Gun

  • Cut a circle out of cardboard (use cereal boxes)
  • Hot glue sticks sticks around circle
  • Spray paint the entire form
  • Add a colored ribbon and toy spider

Branched Wreath: Nature Called. Pick Up twigs.

Branched Wreath - Nature Called. Pick Up Twigs.

What you will need: Branches + Shears + Florist Wire + Needle-Nose Pliers

  • Gather 20-30 branches and cut into 1 foot sticks
  • Set three branches together,cut ends in same direction, and weave wire around ends
  • Keep wire attached to branches, add other branches, set 3 inches apart
  • Wind additional wire around the new branches.
  • Wrap on until the foundation is 24 inches long. Bend to make a circle and twist wire to link ends.
  • Cut wire, leave 4 inches. Use pliers to bend excess wire into a loop and twist end onto the other wire to secure loop

Decorate with additional items!

Feathered Wreath: The Wrapped Wing

This array of feathers will send the crows cawing.

Feathered Wreath - This Array of Feathers Will Send the Crows Cawing

What you will need: Straw Wreath + 20-Yard Feather Trim + Hot Glue Gun + Scissors

  • Cut Feather Trim into 5 yard sections, apply glue, and immediately press first feather piece
  • Continue to wrap sections around wreath form until straw wreath is hidden

Your door is ready to fly with the witches!

Mummified Wreath: This Structured Fabric Coils Into a Beautiful Scare

Mummified Wreath - This Structured Fabric Coils Into a Beautiful Scare

What you will need: Styrofoam Wreath + Gauze Roll + Scissors + Ribbon

  • Cut Gauze into sections
  • Wrap first section around wreath until one layers is complete
  • Finish it off with as many layers desired
  • Tie Ribbon & introduce to your door

Black Crepe Paper Wreath: An Elegant Crawl Welcomes Guests

Black Crepe Paper Wreath - An Elegant Crawl Welcomes Guests

What you will need: Foam Wreath + Black Streamer Roll + Black Straight Pins + Shears

  • Cut roll into four inch strips and fold in half, work up to 100 strips
  • Pin 3 srips side by side until they overlap and create one row
  • Under first row, pin an overlapping row of three
  • Continue rows until entire wreath is covered
  • loop 2 foot strip at bottom & trim to 8 inches
  • Ready to send chills with the little black dress of wreaths?

Candied Wreath: Sweets Spiral Into a Greeting

Candied Wreath - Sweets Spiral Into a Greeting

What you will need: twig wreath + thin rope + collected branches + candy corn (or candy of your choice) + Glue Gun

  • Insert branches into twig wreath
  • Wrap rope around to secure branches
  • Preheat hot glue gun & attach candy pieces onto ends
  • Look out for hungry ghouls

Book Page Wreath: Enliven Unwanted Book Pages

Book Page Wreath - Enliven Unwanted Book Pages

What you will neeed: Torn Book Pages + Scallop Circle Punch + Foam Wreath + Hot Glue Gun + Black Cardstock + Unsharpened Pencil + Scissors

  • Punch out about 100 circles from book pages
  • Grab a stack of three cut outs and pierce center with pencil until it folds up lik a flower
  • Add hot glue onto wreath & attach stak, continue this pattern until entire form is covered
  • Draw bat shapes on cardstock, cut out, and stick

Go On. Fire up those crafty hands and add a spontaneous twist to your door.

Do you have a great idea for a unique wreath? Let us know in the comments…

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