On a Budget? Falling Leaves Make Affordable DIY Decor Projects!

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Fall is all around us. It is time to 'turn a new leaf' on your home and office decor with some changing colors: brown, burnt orange, ocre, crimson and olive green.

We found some inspiring blogs and pins to get you to kick start your creative inspiration.

Gathering Of Elements: Air And Fire

Gathering Of Elements: Air And Fire

This is a great ornamental piece, inspired by PoshPosh.

Take two glass containers, one big and a smaller one that is about 1/4 of the size of the big one. Space them with leaves, acorns and branches from your garden trees. Add some cinnamon sticks or vanilla candles to bring-in the aroma of the holidays.

Check your your local dollar or craft store for interesting and afforable glass containers.

Yellow Leaves and Pears: Season's Fruitful Decor

Yellow Leaves and Pears - Season's Fruitful Decor

Fabulous and budget-conscious Centsational Girl shares her Autumn style through a variety of home decor projects that are easy to do yourself and quite eye-catching.

This is an almost unconventional color palette: contrasting ocre and brown-colored leaves with green/brown pears. Definitely a great conversation piece.

Fall Bouquet: Capturing The Colors of Changing Leaves

Fall Bouquet - Capturing The Colors of Changing Leaves

We found this really nice tutorial over at Budget Wise Home. It was originally published by Lobzik. The original tutorial is in Russian but the visuals on their page are enough to carry you through all the steps.

The only materials needed:

  • Multi-colored Leaves
  • Neutral Color Thread

This bouquet is easy to create, and very affordable. A great gift for someone special!

Framed Seasons: A Simple Wall Art Idea

Framed Seasons - A Simple Wall Art Idea

Fall decor with pressed leaves, inspired by Better Homes and Gardens, is a very easy way to display your favorite fall accents in the form of leaves.

This red & orange piece plays a great part as the center or this area's color scheme. For more variety, find a changing leaf with green yellow and red colors in it or make your own creative arrangements.

You just need to find a clear frame, which you can find at most craft stores. Just remember to clean and dry the leaf for a few days before framing.

Now you have a few ideas to work with for your Autumn decoration projects. Most of them are easy to execute, especially if your are on a budget.

If you have any more ideas to share please leave them in the comment section.

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