Get Your Hinge on With Our 2012 Summer Collection

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HingeHeads is releasing our 2012 Summer Collection and it is, well…HOT!

Our latest designs feature several sculptures that will help you celebrate the sun and surf (or help you remember those balmy days when cooler weather moves in!)

Take, for instance, our Hula Gal Kiana. Wouldn’t she be the perfect motif for a beach cottage or a bathroom?

Handcrafted Tropical Decor Accessories for Doors

And if you are feeling a bit “un-hinged”, the strategic placement of a few graceful Tropical Palms here and there might remind you of less hectic days.

Handcrafted Palm Tree Decor Accessories for Doors

Or perhaps a few Skaters catching a hinge here and there can inspire you off of your couch and into the sun.

Handcrafted Skater Decor Accessories for Doors

Our gracefully pirouetting Ballerina danced her way through the doors of our hearts and what a heartwarming and charming surprise she would make for the little ballerina of your dreams or even the entrance to a studio, dining room or a ballroom!

Handcrafted Handcrafted Ballerina Decor Accessories for Doors Decor Accessories for Doors

Once you see our Long Dog, you might just consider him Man’s Best Hinge when his friendly, loyal countenance greets you from your garden gate, mudroom door or den.

Handcrafted Handcrafted Long Dog Decor Accessories for Doors Decor Accessories for Doors

And finally, the ever-popular symbol for man’s enduring wish for peace and goodwill to all creatures, the Peace Sign, is the perfect welcoming addition to a front door, meditation room or guest room.

Handcrafted Handcrafted Peace Sign Decor Accessories for Doors Decor Accessories for Doors

Whatever your mood this summer, we have a solution for you.

If you’ve never tried a HingeHead, our Summer Collection is a great place to start.

Ranging from $4.95 to $15.95, there is a HingeHead for every style, taste, and budget. And once you get started, they might just open the door to a wonderful, creative, unique addiction!

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