Improve Your Pinterest Presence With This Ultimate Pinterest Cheat Sheet

June 20, 2012

If you are an avid Pinterest user like us, you might find this ultimate cheat sheet for Pinterest very useful.

The team over at Pinerly put together this summary of tips and tricks on how to increase your Pinterest presence.

A lot of the tips are self explanatory and should be pretty obvious for anybody who is actively using Pinterest, but it's nice to have all this information in one sheet.

Here is a sumary of the cheat sheet:

General to-Dos and Best Practices for Pinterest
  • Appeal to many interests
  • Update boards & pins regular
  • Pin bucket-lists content (inspirations and aspirations)
  • Promote an idea, content or product
When Is the Best Time to Pin on Pinterest?
  • Best time to pin on weekends is Saturday morning
  • Best day to pin on weekdays is Thursday
  • Best time to pin is 2pm-4pm EST and 8pm-1am EST
  • Always lookout for trends
Improve User Engagement With Better Images on Pinterest
Make User Profiles More Useful on Pinterest
  • Reflect interests using your profile photo and description
  • Name with understandable keywords
  • Add your Facebook, Twitter & Site for increased exposure
  • Keep a general tone
Set Up Great Boards on Pinterest
  • Place your boards into a Pinterest category
  • Stick to one niche per board
  • Use searchable keywords in board names
  • Choose a compelling board cover
Drive User Engagement With Better Pin Description
  • Evoke call-to-action
  • Short words, simple context
  • Descriptive and targeted
  • Use searchable keywords

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