Designs For A Good Cause: HingeHeads joins AIDS Fundraising Bicycle Event

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At HingeHeads, we are all about supporting our local community. Our unique, handcrafted decor accessories are locally cast and designed by artists and sculptors in Los Angeles. So when we heard about the 2012 Aids LifeCycle ride, we knew we wanted to help!

The Aids LifeCycle ride is a 545 mile bike ride from San Francisco to Los Angeles to raise awareness and funds for HIV/AIDS programs.

Now, a HingeHead can’t pedal (yet), but together we can make a difference. To support this worthy cause, we came up with this exclusive limited edition Red Ribbon HingeHead.

Red Ribbon Home Decor

Not only are they a fabulous accent for your home, but they will liven up any office space as well. Purchase one or more for your business place and become a corporate sponsor!

We will donate 100% of the sales to the LifeCycle ride, proceeds of which will benefit the L.A. Gay and Lesbian Center and the San Francisco AIDS Foundation.

Facts & Figures

The Gay & Lesbian Center provides free HIV/AIDS medical care, housing, food, clothing and support for homeless LGBT youth. The San Francisco AIDS Foundation advocates prevention, education and counseling for the Bay area. Together, they are united to increase awareness and knowledge of HIV/AIDS; to increase AIDS activism and volunteerism; and to provide a positive, life-affirming experience for people affected by HIV.

AIDS affects not just the 33.3 million people currently living with HIV/AIDS, but their families, friends and loved ones. Since the early 1980s, 28,406 San Francisco residents have been diagnosed with AIDS and more than 44,450 people in Los Angeles are living with HIV. In fact, nearly 1 in 10 of the nation’s HIV-positive people lives in California.

But it doesn’t just stop with our state. Since the AIDS epidemic began in 1981, 1.7 million Americans have been infected with HIV. In fact, one chilling statistic shows that someone in the U.S. in infected with HIV every 9 ½ minutes.

About Aids LifeCycle

But there is hope. People do care. Last year 2,350 bicyclists and 600 volunteer “roadies” cared enough to complete the grueling 545 miles of the Aids LifeCycle. Hailing from nearly every state in the U.S. and 11 countries, they raised a record $13,060,000 for the HIV/AIDS services of the L.A. Gay & Lesbian Center and San Francisco AIDS Foundation.

And this year, even though our little HingeHeads can’t ride a bike, I can! I am joining the other intrepid bikers on this journey to awareness. As a first-time rider I am excited but also a little nervous.

These dedicated folks have made the LifeCycle the world’s most successful AIDS fundraiser and a testament to our city, our state, and our nation.

HingeHeads joins AIDS Fundraising Bicycle Event

Open the Door to Your Heart

We want our HingeHeads to open doors for everyone and to make a difference in the lives of others. We encourage you to open the door to your heart and show your support for research, treatment and education for a disease that touches us all.

Support me and the other LifeCycle bikers by purchasing a Red Ribbon HingeHead in solidarity! They are available on a sliding scale starting at $27.25. Remember, all proceeds from this sale will go towards the fight against HIV/AIDS.

Thank you for your support!

Facts & figures provided by AIDS/Lifecycle.
Photo by Jonathan Pobre

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