Gifts In Plain Sight: Fitting Out a Beach Cottage With HingeHeads

Posted on April 14, 2012 by Kai Gradert | 0 Comments

This week my wife and I spent two days up North in beautiful Santa Barbara. We were fortunate enough to stay at a friends ‘surf shack’ near the beach.

As a gesture of appreciation we topped off the hinges in the cottage with matching designs to go along with the interior of the property.

We placed a Buddha and Dolphin on the front door.

Cheap Home Decor - Buddha HingeHead

The Surfer caught a hinge in the bathroom.

Cheap Home Decor - Surfer HingeHead

On the back door we placed the Tropica Palm Trees, the Hula Gal Kiana and the Peace Sign. These will be available later in the season.

Cheap Home Decor - Tropical Palm Trees

We even placed some HingeHeads on the front gate. The Long Dog is now overlooking the patio, guarding the property and welcoming new visitors.

Cheap Home Decor - Long Dog HingeHead

Leaving HingeHeads as gifts in plain sight is something that I've been doing for a while. Whenever I am traveling or when I am out and about around town, I place HingeHeads on public hinges for others to discover.

I just love the idea that somebody eventually will notice the little details and be delighted by it.

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