On a Quest to Find Great Hinges — Existing and Upcoming Designs

Posted on January 11, 2012 by Kai Gradert | 0 Comments

One of our goals this year is to add new designs and to re-shoot our entire catalog on actual hinges.

It's just more exciting that way and it better tells the story of the HingeHead. Especially since people are re-sharing our photos on Pinterest and other sites.

In the past we have usually shot selected HingeHeads in our homes. But you quickly run out of hinges and it gets a little repetitive.

So, on a quest to find more awesome hinges I went out to Old Town Pasadena yesterday morning. It's amazing how many exposed and naked hinges you find just within a few blocks.

Following are a few shots from my photo walk. Some of the designs are already available. Others are a sneak preview of what's coming this year. Enjoy…

There are very few left of the Buddha…

The Surfer is already available…

If you know of any great neighborhoods in Los Angeles with old buildings and alley ways, let us know in the comments.

Also, we welcome you to email us (hingeheads@gmail.com) your own photos. We would love to include them on our site.

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