There is a famous saying that you only get eighteen summers with your kids before they become adults. Our son Aadi is turning four this year. We are well on the way towards eighteen summers with him.

As a kid, I always enjoyed the summer break. We would spend all day by the lake, go on adventures and camp out in the woods. A summer seemed endless and full of adventure.

As adults, we still look forward to the summer, but we rarely get to enjoy an endless summer as we did as kids. We live busy lives. We have deadlines at work and bills to pay. This year is no different, except, this year we will break the cycle and commit to an endless summer.

Aadi is on summer break from mid-June until the end of August. The plan is to pack a few bags and drive up the coast towards Oregon, Washington and then into Canada. If the road is clear and we feel adventurous, we may roll all the way to Alaska. If we find a spot that we like a lot, we may stay longer. Or, not. The plan is not to have a plan.

With that said, HingeHeads is a one-man operation at this point. I handle all orders and ship them out between my full-time day job. So in the spirit of an endless summer and breaking the cycle, we will close shop for the summer. We will process all orders until June 14th, 2018. We will re-open orders at the end of August, assuming we are back by then from our endless summer.

You can follow our journey here.

Enjoy your summer!

~ Kai ~